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Load Class Considerations

Trafficable Channels – ACO Threshold Drainage

Often level threshold drainage will be required at vehicle trafficked entrances, there is no provision in NZBC E2/AS1 for such a situation. Any cast in-situ solution will not be load tested and if used for vehicle traffic could easily fail, regardless of any product reinforcing.

ACO believes using a product designed for the correct application is imperative. Using an ACO Drain product with full channel hydraulics to demonstrate suitability as an Alternative Solution under NZBC E1 allows a product rated up to Load Class G (AS 3996) and with a verified test certificate to be installed. ACO has gained NATA accreditation (No.15193) for its testing laboratory and can provide test reports for all ACO Drain products.

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Advice on installation details can also be given at all stages, to ensure a high performance and long-lasting installation.

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